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How It Works

Signature loans in Oklahoma
Installment loans are offered by banks and other financial companies like The Loan Lady's locations, which use only the borrower’s signature and promise to pay as collateral. A signature loan may be used for any purpose the borrower chooses. It is also known as a “good faith loan” or “character loan.”
The Loan Lady also offers postdated check loans, which do not require a credit check and are based off your bank statement. Postdated check loans have lower finance charges compared to signature loans.
Unlike a payday loan, installment loans and postdated check loans have no database restrictions, and contract length is 60 days or more, as opposed to a typical 14-day payday loan.
Loan amounts can range from $150 to $700. They are easy to qualify for and confidential. We do not write you a check; we give you cash! Here’s how the process works:

Apply Online
Complete our online application, or if you prefer, we can take your application by phone.
It only takes about 5 minutes.

We’ll Contact You
We’ll call you at the number you provided to review your application.

Come In
Simply come to our office to sign your agreement and to pick up your cash.
It’s that easy.

Payment Options
Renew your loan, make a scheduled payment or pay off your loan early to take advantage of discounts and refunds.


If you are ever declined for any reason, you may request a free credit report within 30 days. To speed the application process, please be prepared to provide us with your social security number, your government issued driver’s license or photo ID, your most recent pay stub, a list of personal references and a recent phone or utility bill in your name.